Virtual Events in a Post-COVID-19 Era

by | Feb 23, 2021

While it is essential to adapt to the COVID-19 era, it is more important to prepare for a world where the pandemic ended. Virtual events are here to stay and will be an indefinite way to organize an event.

 Here are the reasons why virtual events are here to stay:

1. Overseas Events

Recently we have conducted virtual events for other companies overseas. As virtual events have no geographical limits for hosting them, it opens a new avenue for revenues. At the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can continue to host events for clients outside of our physical reach, especially companies with employees all over the world.

Of course, you must ensure that internet connectivity must be stable for both sides. Can you imagine having breakdowns and ruining your events with delays and issues? For overseas events, the chances of having your connection severed are greater than local ones. That’s why an application with the most advanced connectivity technology is essential for conducting overseas events.

2. Ease of Access for Busy Individuals

Previously, we had an article detailing the advantage and disadvantages of hosting digital and physical events. One of the benefits of hosting digital events is it allows participants to enroll in the event anywhere.

When COVID-19 comes to an end, some clients would still stick to hosting digital events. These clients have different offices around the country. Hence, it is a priority to ensure that employees and personnel are present at the event.

It does not necessarily have to be from different parts of the country. You could even have it within the building itself if your employees can not travel up and down the floors. That way, work productivity won’t be severely affected.

3. Virtual Events for Educational Purposes

Due to the ability to record and playback virtual events, they are ideal for doing events for educational purposes. It allows participants to look back at whatever they learned and reabsorb the knowledge. Post-COVID-19 period, there will be a high demand for online virtual lessons due to their convenience.

Engagement between lecturer and participants will be more focused and concise due to the screen-to-screen talk. Lecturers can also share their notes and slides on these events and even adjust the word sizing in real-time to make them readable.

These lessons can be useful for hosting one big event. That would be especially beneficial for seminars and conferences.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why virtual events are here to stay.

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