MIS President Mr Roger Wang

MIS President Mr Roger Wang

On 28th March 2014, our MD Mr Roger Wang was elected as the President of MIS (Marketing Institute of Singapore).

In lieu of Mr Wang’s assiduous contributions, the committee of MIS presented an opportunity for him to bring the organization to greater heights. He had reflected passion, commitment and flexibility in his management skills. Under his wise leadership, both MIS and Essential Werkz are set to achieve more in the near future.

With more than a decade of commitment to the events management arena, Mr Wang had created a new synthesis department, specialising in exhibition in 2014. This new addition is projected to provide a platform for further improvement in Asia Pacific events industry, leading the organization to a higher level.


• More than one decade of providing quality services to our clients had allowed the company to gain access to an Asia wide business source.


• Team capable of creating innovative ideas and concepts for clients’ new expeditions
• Team solidarity that is an essential element for the success of the company
• Constantly seek to meet the needs of new cliental