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Spending too much time searching for a suitable events company for your perfect event? Unable to have your doubts answered readily? We have the solution for you! In Essential Werkz, we believe that time is money. Our team is set to render any help that you need in the shortest possible time. We are a premier event company in Singapore.

Innovative Ideas


Suffocating from the lack of ideas for your perfect event? Feeling uninspired with your marketing strategies? Essential Werkz has a team of trained staff with overflowing creative juices, ready to solve your dilemmas. We always come up with creative exhibition booth designs and stand design & build.

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Essential Werkz offers a wide diversity of technology to make your event a more desirable one. From digital signage to touch screen technology, rest assure, we have everything you need to create your dream event.

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Ever feel like you have something in mind, yet it is not fully articulated? Fret not! Here in Essential Werkz, we place great emphasis on clear communication with our clients. Rest assure to have all your requirements met, ensuring no loopholes in your dream event.

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Event Management, Planning and Execution

8 Steps to successful plan and execute your event

1. The Event Brief
This is your source of information. Get as much details from the clients as possible, such as objectives, key performance indicators, list of requirements, specifications. After receiving the brief, internalize the brief, look for loop holes and see if there are existing campaigns, ideas or concepts to work on and also similar past events to study and improve on.

2. Factors influencing the proposal
One of the key factor to consider is the type of audience the event is planned for, such as general public, targeted group of people, special interest group or closed door groups as these determine what type of activities, venue and programmes are required.

3. Look and Feel
Ensure that the look and feel is suitable for the event and aligned to the Corporate Identity. Space and resource planning also affect the visual experience of the audience. Example of space planning involve ample parking space, location for food and snack, or interactive area to involve the audience. Theming your event to drive home key message and have consistency for the event to create higher recall factor for participants.

4. Planning the events
Tools to plan and execute an event.

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